metabolic syndrome 2

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Please respond to the discussion topic below. Your contribution must be your own and not a parroting of someone’s blog, social media blast, or rant on the internet. Your initial comments must be at least a full solid paragraph for each question (over 50 words).
“Metabolic syndrome was never a “thing” when I was a kid. I remember when my dad and mom first actually started going to the doctor for other reasons than being sick with a cold, etc. Now it seems that everywhere we look is a disease, disorder, or degerneration of some body part! (We are all messed up people!) Metabolic syndrome seems to be the new concern of the middle-aged.”
Please outline your understanding of metabolic syndrome, and provide your opinion on the medical significance of the condition, once diagnosed. Do you believe it is a big deal, or not so much? In your discussion please include any strategy you might use to combat this condition.
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