discussion questions 743

There are 6 discussion questions need to be answered, it doesn’t have to be long, as long as each answer has 75+ words it’s fine.

(Peplos Kore)
1-Other than being a girl statue, Peplos Kore is known to be the commonly known cases of Archaic Greek art. From your perspective, what does Peplos Kore mean?
2-The Classical Archaeology Museum, in 1975, tried to imitate the original appearance of the sculpture by painting the figureâ€s cast. The replica was later displayed next to the second, unpainted cast to validate the distinction between the pure white marble and the brightly-painted version, which is probably closer to reality. From this, we can deduce that there exists a picture of Peplos Kore as it may have appeared originally. Therefore, where was this statue placed originally before replication?

(Exekias, Achilles and Ajax playing a dice game)

3- If the printing was drawn on a canvas instead of a vase, would that make it more beautiful?
4- What would you think if someone put a vase next to their loved one’s grave in the present?

(Treasury of Atreus)
5- What does the the Treasury of Atreus design symbolize? Something other than acting as a reminder of what the ruler achieved
6- Does Mycenaean tholos (Treasury Atreus) tomb encode astronomical alignments?
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