write a script commercial theatre producing organization

I will record the podcast after you write the script shouldn’t;t be more than 5 mints script and I have been signed to have a commercial theatre about Disney
Select a commercial theatre/producing organization and create a five minute podcast about it. The podcast should cover a range of topics about the company that could include:
Organization missionGovernance model (how is the company operated)Target audienceRepertoire/programmingExample seasonAnnual budgetFacilities
Some organizations have marketing or outreach staff that may be willing to provide you with information if you ask. Other organizations may be reluctant to share any of this information with you. You may want to think about contacting the company and seeing if you can arrange an interview with someone.
There is more to research than just the organizationâ€s web site. Look for show reviews and articles in weekly newspapers (e.g. The Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, The Village Voice, etc). Weekly newspapers are very arts-centric and tend to do a lot of research.
Some example podcasts that may offer an ideas about format are:

StoryCorps (Links to an external site.)
This American Life (Links to an external site.)
Snap Judgement (Links to an external site.)

Some theatre related podcasts that are out there are:

HowlRound (Links to an external site.)
National Theatre (Links to an external site.)

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