engl 1302 animal testing

Animal Testing
Most people like to see cute and fluffy animals at a pet store or shelter. In which a group of people brought them home as pets and raised them as family members. However, some animals may not be as lucky as their siblings because they are used to test chemicals for human products. Small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs have been used to test dangerous chemicals, which these animals have been exposed to many times to check the safety of human products. The products that I use, such as lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, have been identified on the label using the capital letters that “This product is not tested on animals.”. Even so, there are some products that do not specify anything. Animal testing has opened a world that is full of questions and has long been a controversial issue, as there are many opinions from various parties showing the need for animal testing to support the development of new products for consumers. While the other side sees that testing chemicals and products using animals is harmful to animals and the ecosystem.
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