psa plan speech 010

This Journal is Big Points!
This journal differs from others because the information that you will use in your responses will come from doing research and it is also worth 50 points. Your research can be gathered from a variety of sources: the internet, books, librarians, or expert interviews but must be academic;

Scholarly, peer reviewed journals from the PCC library databases
Academic Encyclopedias
Reputable Magazines (1 is allowed)
Reputable Newspapers (1 is allowed)
.gov, .edu, .org can be used but sparingly. The majority of your sources should come from the first 3 above.
Please note that using wikipedia will result in an automatic zero on this assignment.
.coms are not allowed
All sources must be cited in MLA format within the body of each response.

Then What?

After doing research on Public Service Announcements, use your own words to describe the purpose of a PSA. What is your PSA topic?
Visit the following link: After exploring the website, explain what service Animoto offers, and then describe how the free service can be applied to your project.
Which type of technological software do you plan on using to complete the PSA project? Explain your choice.
After visiting a variety of sites, describe the function of a specific purpose statement and thesis statement in the development of an oral presentation (speech).
Visit several websites that discuss public speaking. Identify and explain the purposes of the speakerâ€s introduction and conclusion.
List four types of attention-gaining strategies. Describe two strategies that you may use to capture an audienceâ€s attention.
Do research on speaker credibility. Define Ethos. And then, describe four ways that you plan on establishing your credibility for your presentation.
How do you plan on organizing your presentation? Visit sites that discuss speech organizational patterns. For example, will you begin by showing your PSA then going into the body of your speech or will you begin with an introductory strategy and show your PSA in the body or at the conclusion of your speech?
Who will be your 3-7 audience members? What is your backup plan, in case your audience members fail to show up to your scheduled meeting time?
Plan for success: Where will you film your presentation? What will you wear? Who will film your presentation? When do you plan to upload it to Canvas?

Prof J Notes
Give this assignment some real thought. The more planning and troubleshooting now, the less drama when it comes time to prepare the PSA Assignment.
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