everything ive learned in 4 years of criminology

I wrote down the topics I want you to go into detail . The essay should be broken down in this bullet points topics. It should contain all of the topics below because that’s the material we covered in the last 4 years of college. In all of the topics you should try to compare that to my life or on how Is beneficial to me that I have the knowledge of all this information.
. Human Trafficking: Sex Trafficking, Labor trafficking
.Serial Killers: illnesses that these perpetrators had, or traumas that lead them to do what they did.
. Sentencing and corrections: Different types of corrections, different types of sentences for this criminals.
.Child Abuse: How criminals target them, and the process, and the damages that these kids grow with.
.Gangs: Different types of gangs and methods of operation.
. Death penalty: Different types of death penalties, and the types of crimes these prosecutors committed to be sentence to death.
. Forensic Science: Methods investigators uses to find the attacker or the person responsible for the crime.
.Mass Shootings: methods they’ve used, damages,

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