film quot the marriage of maria braun quot

1. Please Watch Rainer Werner Fassbinder.The Marriage of Maria Braun.)(1978).
2. Please watch video lecture 1 (Fassbinder (Links to an external site.)).
3. Please read Thomas Elsaesser “The BRD Trilogy, or History, the Love Story” (Maria Braun, Fassbinder)
4. Please watch video lecture 2 (Maria Braun 1 (Links to an external site.)).
5. Please watch video lecture 3 (Maria Braun 2 (Links to an external site.)), contribute to the discussion Fassbinder; Staudte
6. Complete the writing assignment (Maria Braun, Ending)
There are 2 part of this homework which are
1.Fassbinder, Staudte
Take a look at these two images from Wolfgang Staudte’s The Murderers are Among Us (1946) and Fassbinder’s The Marriage of Maria Braun (1979).

It seems obvious that Fassbinder makes a visual reference to Staudteâ€s film at this moment. What is your interpretation of this reference in Fassbinderâ€s film? What might be its meaning and purpose? (200 words)
2.Writing assignment Maria Braun, Ending
Elsaesser writes “mystery hovers over the ambiguous ending” of The Marriage of Maria Braun (101). Whether Maria Braun accidently or deliberately caused the explosion depends on whether you believe that she already suspected that Hermann and Oswald had made some kind of agreement previously or whether she needed to keep Hermann absent for her own reasons. These are some possible elements to understand the filmâ€s ending and therefore the filmâ€s possible meaning.
1. Maria Braun blew herself up deliberately.
2. Maria Braun blew herself up by accident.
A. She always suspected Hermann to have plotted with Oswald.
B. She needed Hermann to absent himself in order to keep her love for him strong and pure.
There might be are elements you want to add. For this writing assignment please outline your understanding of the final explosion. Then explain how your interpretation of the end shapes and impacts the filmâ€s account of postwar German history. How does your understanding of the filmâ€s ending affect the way how Fassbinderâ€s film has presented Maria Braunâ€s story as an allegory of West German history. (500 words)
Please follow the guideline very carefully and write correctly.
If you have any question please ask me.
There should be two articles.
Thank you!
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