help me fix my theology credo

Just wanted to send some edits/feedback on this section of your paper. Overall good job explaining your thoughts!
Watch out for capitalization for words like “Father”, “God”, “Holy Spirit” etc. Also, you have a few words that are contractions that need to be changed (don’t, won’t, etc)
Make sure you have sources to cite to support/connect your ideas. For example, in your last paragraph you mention the “seven gifts of the Holy Spirit” which are connected to the sacrament of baptism — this is an idea that I’m unfamiliar with. If you include your website/book that you got the idea I can follow your thinking better!
As a reminder, the final draft including the last section is due May 13th. Let me know if you have any questions.

(a)Predestination and Calling
I do believe God calls people. Why does God call people? I think because God needs different people to do particular jobs. What we do to God is important to God. If the work is important, and ask God for what we do is meaningful. How I understand with this idea, I think just like the superhero in the movie. They receive some gifts or born with the superpower. They have their mission which protects human in safe. Just like calls people do particular jobs like priest teaches people how to pray.
(b)Regeneration and Conversion
I believe that real change is in the spirit of change. It is the dramatic shift from one path to another in pursuit of a new one. The whole person which his thought, feeling, and will have undergone a radical, change in its conversion. To me, if I want to be a Christian, I need to be total changeover through faith and action. I need to accept God as my saviour, my father, and get rid of my old life.
(c)Justification and Adoption
God alone is perfectly upright, justice. As human beings, I don’t think we can be right or wrong about everything. Thatâ€s why people all are sinful, and we need to repent our sin. If God is an allergy to the sin then why he doesnâ€t create human perfectly. I believe the theory that Because is there evil in the world, it is because God can’t stop evil, one is because God is not willing to prevent evil. If there are no bad things in this world then we don’t know what is good. God needs to contrast what is good and bad.
(d) Sanctification and Perseverance
For God sake, we are holy. Once we are sanctified, our thoughts, our hearts are one with God. We have been purify our sins by God. God gives me good food, good place to live, good life. As a return, I feel I should keep the perseverance to God. Always love God, always worship God. We should work hard for God, even a little thing is enough. Take a example, I feel loving yourself is the simplest thing that you work for God.
(e) The Intermediate State and Glorification
Some people think the “intermediate state” is the time between the death and the resurrection, and we are unconscious. But, I donâ€t think is true. If a person has spirt, which mean he is exist. His soul continues to exist after death, and he remain awake in the intermediate state, awaiting the final fate of our resurrection in the new heaven and earth. If our soul continues to be with God, we will forever exist.
(f)The person of the Holy Spirit
“God eternally exists as three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and each person is fully God, and there is one God”(Systematic Theology, 236). All the divine attributes of the father and the son are equally ascribed to the holy spirit. By the grace of god, the holy spirit is the only one who can bring salvation and rebirth. This salvation was accomplished by the blood and death of Christ on the cross. The holy spirit lives in the hearts of believers and becomes our comforter and sanctifies us.
(g)The works of the Holy Spirit
The work of the holy spirit is to blame ourselves for sin, for righteousness, for judgment, but the most important thing is to see the work of the holy spirit being carried out in our lives.The main work of the holy spirit is to enable people to have a true understanding of god, to have a love for god in their hearts, to pursue him, to obey him, to fear him, to avoid evil, and to be faithful to him until death.
(h)The gifts of the Holy Spirits
The seven gifts of the holy spirit fill Jesus Christ, but they are also in all christians who are in a state of grace. We receive them when we inject the sanctified grace, the life of God within us. For example, when we receive worthy sacraments, we first receive the seven gifts of the holy spirit in the sacrament of baptism.
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