i need help with my math final exam

Thursday May 28, is our last day of class and the Final Exam. It starts at 3:50 pm and closes at 6 pm. If you want the entire time, you will need to open it right away at 3:50.
There are 25 questions on the Final.
You will need to upload your scratch work by 6:15 pm – RIGHT AWAY! If you upload late, you will loose 10 points for every 10 min you are late.
Make sure you do the work for each problem and send me the work after your done because i need to upload it.
also, make sure you do it with the time frame.
the exam is on webassign which is also the log in for cengage.
log in is
email: bm6194025905@gmail.com
pass: Mohammad1996
make sure that the first letter of the pass is capital.
after logging in click on the purchased math course which takes you to the final exam.
any questions let me know.

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