windshield assessment powerpoint 1

I need to do Windshield assessment
The students will be assigned a zip code in your community that represents a vulnerable population. Zip codes can be found by looking up incomes in your state or county statistics. (zipcode for assessment 33312)
The students will research this community for rates of heart disease, diabetes, access to health services, physical activity and nutrition (food deserts). Students will prepare a group presentation (Ppt) of their findings.
1. Describe the community and include the zip code.
2. Discuss what takes away from health and wellness within the community- what infrastructure inhibits health and wellness?
a. Lack of grocery stores for fresh produce or other foods, causing people to rely on fast food
b. Lack of streetlights causes people to stay inside after dark because it seems unsafe to be outside.
c. Lack of, or unsafe, parks and/or playgrounds negatively impacts physical activity and socialization in a community.
d. Lack of access to health care and clinics.
3. Within the clinicalsmall groups (2-4 students per group) students will discuss what would be changes needed in the community to improve health,. Use the following as a guide for community inprovement.:
1.At least one school
3.Hospital or doctorâ€s office
4.Fire department
5.Police department
6.Housing/residential areas
7.Grocery store
8.After school and summer camp programs
Students should be able to explain why they include each of their choices and why it would benefit the community.
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