intro to comm

Please answer all questions below in a Microsoft Word Document. All answers must be numbered and you can use your textbook for this exam.

Read the Ebook and then answer these questions:…

Chapter 1 defined communication as systemic. Explain what this means and why it is important for thinking about interaction in a socially diverse society. Provide concrete examples of system principles you discuss in your response.
Discuss how we organize our perceptions in meaningful ways. Identify and explain the four methods of organization discussed in Chapter 3.
Discuss the ownership of your own feelings and thoughts. Describe I/You language and give specific examples, as discussed in chapter 4.
Discuss the five ways that nonverbal behavior can interact with verbal communication. Give an example of each type of interaction. Discussed in chapter 5.
Identify the five responses in the process of adapting to cultural diversity. Provide an example of each response in the same communication context. Discussed in chapter 8.
Describe the potential strengths and weaknesses that derive from working in groups. In your opinion, do you feel that group work is more effective than individual work in most cases? Support your answer. Discussed in chapter 11.
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