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Rolanda Smith
Mr. Swope
English 122
Richard Cory
Edwin Arlington Robinson was a Pulitzer Prize winning poet who was also nominated for the Nobel prize for literature. He was born in Maine but had an unhappy childhood since his parents seemed largely indifferent to him. His siblings went on to suffer great hardship through addiction to alcohol and drugs, and Robinson’s poetry often dwelt on bleak themes, perhaps based on these firsthand experiences. Perhaps this poem could have been written from the history of elements that happen within his family. Sometimes people take their family misfortune and base their future on it.
Being wealthy or having the family history of being finically secure, brings a different feeling and emotion to your lifestyle. In some situations, being finically stable is almost like being a celebrity which is a dream for most. Its Common symbols for some aspect of your personality or something about your wellbeing based to your reviews, feelings, thoughts, or even worship of that of a wealthy person. Although, a celebrity may mirror an idea or image that you’re feeling is greater essentially than something else for your life. Dreaming about a celebrity can display some great changes on how your relationships with other humans around you and your intertwining with the lower class as they would say.
Your wealth can take several forms, however what you do with the way others see you and the manner you present yourself in everyday life. Although we can be compelled to confess it, a lot of us dedicate a great part of our lives to consider celebrities as the only way life should be operate. But having celeb dreams can on occasion experience embarrassing, and emotional thoughts like, I have friends and my own family and my own real actual lifestyles, so why do I simply keep dreaming about being somebody I’m probably not going to be. The choice to be visible/valued will turned into the most important perceived appeal to obtain, by the desire for repute, to observed with the aid of a prosocial motivation. Interestingly, the motivations have been related to unique essential human desires. While people having the need to be part of a higher attitude than others, it makes them soar to higher dream places and imaginary worlds.
“Richard Cory” is a story of a person who seems to have all of it. The people in his town, who’re probably of a lower class from him at this era of time, place Richard Cory on a pedestal. The appearance he gave off made him an idol causing people wanting to be like him Richard Cory kills himself, displaying the people of the town that a few matters can’t be bought and everything that appears find can’t be bought with wealth and it may be deceiving sometimes. I feel the concept or meaning of this poem states that you can be the richest person in the world, but it doesn’t bring you happiness all the time.
There were a lot of famous celebrities that took their own life due too things uprooting from their past or just things of the present. One that was baffling to the world, the death of Robbin Williams shocked the world with his tragic death in 2014. He was known for his infectiously funny and good nature personality. His disappearance left a lasting impact on the world and Hollywood. In 2014, after a rough period both personally and professionally, he was found dead at his home on Aug.11,2014. They said he was battling with a great deal of depression and being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. this goes to show that any and every one can have problems, not only the lower class can have problems but the rich and famous as well and something money cant buy
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