need help with 3 papers due 5 29 2020

Module 2 Discussion:
According to the text what are the three main views of globalization, which seems the most sensible to you and why?
150 words: Cite sources. <——-Where textbook is. I will post my login information. Attached is where. Chapter 1 and 2.

Each of your posts (original posts & replies) must demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
Connections between lecture content, textbook content, and discussion should be exhibited.
Relate new information with material previously covered in the class as well as with personal experience.
Discuss at a critical level – donâ€t just recite facts from your reading, discussion, or lecture.
Critical discussion includes your opinion of items mentioned, but also includes the reasons you hold that opinion, and why it may be inconsistent or consistent with what youâ€ve learned. Justify your reasoning with facts. How does what youâ€re presenting affect present and future situations?

Read Case 1.2 – The Future of Cuba – Access this in the Peng Atlas Case Studies Link in Module 1:
Also I will attach the screenshot of The Future of Cuba Case study
Answer the Following:

Why has state ownership of farms resulted in a disaster in Cuban farming?
ON ETHICS: What are the norms governing employee behavior in Cuban SOEs? Are these norms right or wrong?
The Economist predicted that “whatever the intentions of Cubaâ€s communist leaders, they will find it impossible to prevent the island from moving to some form of capitalism.” Do you agree or disagree?
Should foreign firms be interested in entering Cuba?
As U.S. sanctions are gradually lifted, what will happen to Cuban politics and economy?

Minimum length requirement is two to three APA formatted pages with at least two sources cited within your paper.
Individual Course Project – Part 1:
In the course project you are tasked to launch a new product into three new international markets.
You are to select a company and a product that company manufacturers. State why you chose that company and product. State challenges you anticipate in launching your product internationally.
Minimum length requirement is one to two APA formatted pages with at least one source cited within your paper.
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