watching the films and answer the question

For this assignment, please watch the 1988 documentary Carved in Silence. (I recommend that you watch the documentary during scheduled class time). The documentary tells the story of Chinese immigrants who were detained at the United States Immigration Station at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay during the little known Chinese Exclusion era. Below is the link to the documentary:
You will submit a 1-2 page response to the film. Please make sure that in your response you answer the following questions:
1. Adam McKeown discusses the notion of diasporic nationalism to explore the history of Chinese migration. How does McKeown define diasporic nationalism and in what way does the film help you understand this notion?
2.Hong Liu examines anti-Chinese sentiments in the history of Chinese migration during the cold war. What does Liu say about these sentiments? How does the film address anti-Chinese sentiments in the US?
3. How does this film help you understand the emergence of Chinatown in San Francisco?
4. What did you learn after watching this film?
This assignment is worth 2 points. It is due at 2pm on Thursday, May 7.
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