short critical thinking guide 2 pages

assignment pdf attached. pls see for instructions.
i already started the intro.. pls use it:
This text serves as a critical thinking guide on the topic that marijuana should be legalized. We will cover numerous principles of clear thinking in order to vividly ponder the notion that marijuana should not be illegal. By going through the principles, we will understand the topic at hand in a logical manner. It will enable us to reason skillfully and construct sound arguments. This is a vital skill as it can prevent us from engaging in fallacious rationale. We will then go over methods to help us not make mistakes that lead to fallacies in our arguments. Hopefully by the end of this guide, you will be an expert in thinking clearly and logically and understanding the rational link between ideas!
(if you don’t know what the different principles of thinking are, they are available to see via google search)
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