stats r programming

A research group wants to assess three types of training programs (Conflict Management,Psychology, and Negotiation) for FBI agents†preparativeness for dealing with local crime activities. The research group decides to randomly select three field offices that have only conducted Conflict Management training, three field offices that have only conducted Psychology training and three field offices that have only conducted Negotiation training. It then selected 10 FBI agents at random from each of the nine offices and gave each of the 90 agents a test to assess their skills. Higher scores imply better results. A snippet of data is shown below. Data can be found in the file prob1. xlsx

1. What are sources of variations in the data?
2. Which factors are random and which factors are fixed?
3. Are factors crossed/nested with each others?
4. Apply linear mixed model approach or ANOVA method to evaluate the research hypothesis that there is a difference among the mean test scores of the three types of training programs. State H0, H1, p-value and conclusion.
5. If you reject H0 in 4, use Dunnettâ€s method to find the best type of trainning programs.
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