write a podcast plan for one podcast

Read the following content:
Example podcast plan (attached)
Write the following assignments:
Write a podcast plan for one podcast

Listen to another podcast. Write a podcast plan for ONE podcast listed below. (Your choice!)
1. “Depression Memes and Me” by Zuheera Ali

2. “Eyes Off the Goal” by Edward Munoz on Radio Rookies

3. “How Positive Stereotypes Hurt Asian-Americans Like Me” by Amber Ly on Youth Radio

4. “The Haunting Effects of Going Days Without Sleep” by Hidden Brain

5. “So Chocolate Bar” by Kind World

Podcast Plan
Answer the following questions about the one podcast you chose.
1) What is the podcast’s focus question?
2) Does the podcast interview anyone? Who? Using what questions? Where?
3) Does the podcast include storytelling? What stories?
4) Does the podcast include sound effects or music? Make a list.
5) How does the podcast start?
6) What complications does the podcast pursue? (Use words like “but” and “or.”) For example, in the student paper we read, “The Good News Cult,” we noticed that the student had a great time on his trip in Mexico, BUT he also feels shocked at the readers’ comments in the article he read because he thinks he may have been part of a cult.

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