write a reflection of the two exercise

exercise 1 : the author presents will Satirâ€s willeight aspects of the self. In the space provided write a reflection on how you might work with the client focusing on the eight aspects ?
Satir (1986) contended that the self—the core of every person—consists of eight separate but interacting elements or levels, which together exert a constant influence on a personâ€s well-being. Satir searched for the varying degrees of strength in each of these parts of the person.
1. Physical (the body)

2. Intellectual (thoughts, logic, processing of facts, left-brain activity)
3. Emotional (feelings, intuition, right-brain activity)

4. Sensual (sound, sight, touch, taste, smell)

5. Interactional (I–Thou communication between oneself and others)

6. Contextual (colors, sound, light, temperature, movement, space, time)

7. Nutritional (solids and fluids ingested to furnish energy)

8. Spiritual (oneâ€s relationship to lifeâ€s meaning, the soul, life force)

Exercise 2 : ( Outlining The EFCT Change Process ) the author presents Greenbergâ€s and Johnsonâ€s five elements of the change process. In the space provided write a reflection on each of the five elements:

1- An individual perceives himself or herself differently by bringing into focal awareness experiences not previously dominant in this person’s view of self. For example, “I see and accept my vulnerability.”

2-The spouse, upon witnessing the partners knew of affective expressions, perceives the partner in a new way. For example, “I see your need for caring and contact rather than your hostility.”

3-The individual’s personal reorganization leads to different behavior in the interaction with the spouse. For example, “I now ask for reassurance from a position of vulnerability.”

4-The spouseâ€s new perception of the partner leads to different responses. For example, “I comfort you rather than withdraw.”

5-As a function of their partner’s new behaviors, individuals come to see themselves in a new way. For example, “I can fill your needs, I see myself as valuable and necessary to you.

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